Corporate Culture

Gazprom Neft considers its corporate culture to be an essential factor in achieving the Company’s strategic objectives. The success of the Company’s ambitious 2025 Development Strategy depends on building an international team. In line with this goal, the Company has adopted a concept for the further development of the excellence-oriented corporate culture based on Gazprom Neft’s mission and values.

In line with this concept, several subsidiaries and affiliates of the Company created in 2012 plan to change their corporate culture following its targeted model – a results-oriented culture, taking into account the specific characteristics of each enterprise. The key activities under these plans include the development of a management by objectives (MBO) system, the creation of internal economic competition, Management by Walking Around (MBWA) means regular communication of a manager with the employees at their by walking around, a cascade communication of values and the personal involvement of the Management Board members in their dissemination, a bottom-up promotion of initiatives, and the establishment of a feedback system.

Key achievements in corporate culture development in 2013:

  • Development of corporate communication platforms (holding a Corporate Forum, organizing a ‘Direct Line’ with managers on a corporate radio station of Gazpromneft-Aero.)
  • ▪ Establishing an approach to building an organisational coaching system and implementing a pilot project in the Company’s Corporate Centre. The project aims to provide coaching training (non-directive management and mentoring of employees) to managers at three levels: new employee mentoring, the creation of their own team and the coaching of highly potential employees to fill the candidate pool. The coaching system based on non-directive management and the cascade communication of values is intended to enhance management efficiency and employee performance in accordance with the Company’s strategic goals.