2014 Objectives and Activities

Occupation Health and Safety

In 2014, Gazprom Neft will:

  • Achieve a zero rate of fatal injuries;
  • Reduce the lost time injury frequency rate of injuries by at least 5% compared to 2013 and achieve a zero rate of group accidents;
  • The accident rate at 2013 level (there were no accidents in 2013).

The Company plans to take further measures to increase the efficiency of the management of industrial and fire safety and occupational safety and health. To this end, Gazprom Neft will implement such programmes as monitoring the operational control follow-up actions and investigations, follow-up of corrective measures, carrying out extended technical audits, and promoting a culture of safety at the Company.

In order to update the regulatory framework, the Company plans in 2014 to:

  • Amend the basic standard ‘Health, Safety, Environment and Social Protection Management System: General Provisions and Structure’ that will reflect changes in the OHS laws and regulations;
  • Amend in-house documents regulating the provision of personal protection equipment;
  • Implement a guidance document ‘Recommendations on Establishing Basic HSE and Social Protection Regulations’ and carry out respective employee training at Company subsidiaries;
  • Update the standard ‘Procedure for HSE and Social Protection Risk Identification, Assessment and Minimisation’;
  • Develop a new standard to set out a uniform hazardous work procedure for the Company's subsidiaries and affiliates.

Moreover, the Company plans to take further measures to enhance its corporate social protection system. To this end, Gazprom Neft will implement such initiatives as law compliance control, development of legislative initiatives, establishment of management bodies, employee trainings, organisation of mock drills, and readiness checks.

Environmental protection

In order to increase the efficiency of environmental safety and protection, the Company plans to:

  • Implement a dedicated programme to rehabilitate contaminated lands, sludge pits and treat oil-containing waste in 2014-2016;
  • Take administrative and technical measures as part of the Year of Environmental Culture and Industrial Safety declared by the Company for 2014;
  • Develop and implement 2014 environmental safety initiatives at the Company’s subsidiaries;
  • Arrange for the promotion of environmentally friendly production at subsidiaries; develop leadership skills for environmental safety managers.

The Company will take further measures aimed at ensuring environmental safety, including carrying out industrial environmental monitoring, follow up corrective actions, creating a corporate system to keep records of oil-contaminated lands, ensuring control and analysis of the programme for rehabilitation of oil-contaminated lands and sludge pits; developing legislative initiatives, updating the regulatory framework, and developing employee competencies in the area of environmental safety and culture.

Energy consumption and efficiency

Power economy targets:

  • Create a unified power development strategy in the Company;
  • Implement programmes to enhance power supply reliability;
  • Implement programmes to enhance energy saving and energy efficiency;
  • Implement a mid-term programme to develop technical metering of electric power;
  • Optimise investments into energy-related purchases;
  • Implement the 2014-2016 Gazprom Neft power grid loss reduction programme;
  • Arrange for personnel training; develop competencies of chief power engineers at subsidiaries.

Kea areas of energy saving in techniques and technologies:

  • Optimisation of compressor equipment operation;
  • Optimisation of condensate collection and return systems;
  • Optimisation of recovery systems in production processes (using product stream heat to warm up raw material, water and air streams);
  • Enhancement of fuel efficiency in process furnaces by using ceramic coating of heated surfaces, super-fine insulation coating of furnaces, and upgrading burner units;
  • Replacement of process furnaces.

Major energy-saving management improvement goals:

  • Preparation of EMS documentation and its integration with the existing management system;
  • Development of employee EMS competencies and skills;
  • ISO 50001 certification of OJSC Gazprom Neft-Noyabrskneftegaz and OJSC Gazprom Neft-Omsk Refinery;
  • Further EMS implementation at Company’s enterprises;
  • ISO 50001 certification of OJSC Gazprom Neft.

Major energy supply reliability improvement goals:

  • Enhancement of energy equipment operation and maintenance;
  • Application of cutting-edge power supply redundancy outfit (high-speed automatic transfer switch units, uninterruptible power supplies, dynamic voltage correcting devices DKIN);
  • Ensuring continuous reliability monitoring due to implementation of automated equipment, and
  • Implementation of dedicated reliability researches.