A Town for People

Gazprom Neft aims to improve the access of residents of the regions in which the company is active to a quality urban environment similar in terms of opportunities to that of large and megacities.

The urban development projects include housing construction and renovation and urban land improvement.

In the reporting year, the Company made significant efforts to resolve the issue of housing shortage and rundown conditions in the regions of Company operations. In 2013, the Company contributed to the completion of a residential complex of 120 apartments in the town of Muravlenko (YaNAD) and the construction of the second residential complex of 120 apartments in the town of Khanty-Mansiysk commenced (The Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District – Yugra.KhMAD-Yugra). The Company also supported the construction of an 8,000-square metre housing estate in the village of Novy Port (YaNAD).

In 2013, a housing repair project for large families was implemented in the Orenburg Region. The construction of a 27-apartment residential house for public sector workers commenced in the village of Parabel, Tomsk Region (to be completed in 2014). The Company provided support to the municipal entities of the Tomsk and Tyumen Regions in connection with the construction and purchase of apartments for social workers (teachers and health care professionals) with the aim of attracting young professionals to its regions of operation.

The lack of children’s playgrounds in the areas where the Company operates is also a significant issue. In the reporting year, the Company contributed to the construction of children’s playgrounds in the villages of Verkhnyaya Platovka, Mamalaevka and Chkalov of the Orenburg Region and funded the construction of eight children’s playgrounds in Omsk.

As part of the A Town for People programme, several urban land improvement projects were implemented in 2013. The central square of the village of Karavanny was improved in the Orenburg Region. A territory improvement and landscaping project was implemented with the help of Company volunteers in the village of Zerkaltsevo in the Tomsk Region.

Gazprom Neft also pays a lot of attention to health care, particularly to health service quality in the regions where Gazprom Neft operates. In the reporting year, the Company contributed to the completion of repair in the Kargasok Central Regional Hospital (Tomsk Region); moreover, a children’s city health centre was repaired and equipment for Children’s Clinical Hospital no. 3 was procured in Omsk.