Objectives for 2014

In 2014, the Company’s main areas of work in HR will include staffing the Company’s development programmes in alignment with the approved Strategy, increasing employees’ professionalism, and improving employee motivation and loyalty.

Priority tasks for the following reporting period include providing of the Company with a tactical candidate pool for management positions and a strategic pool of young professionals.

In order to complete this task, it is planned:

  • To introduce an updated candidate pool management system aimed at identifying the most promising high-potential employees, improving the protection of key positions and consistent staff movement planning;
  • To increase the share of vocational training in employee development and training programmes up to 80%;
  • To open a module-based Management Academy to provide candidates with comprehensive management skills. The Academy will have five training levels: from line managers to top managers;
  • To establish a comprehensive programme to increase the efficiency of interaction with educational institutions’ aimed at improving the quality of graduate training and providing the Company with young professionals to meet its long-term needs;
  • ▪ To create a new model of leadership competencies in line with the 2025 Company Development Strategy and identify the main areas of succession candidate development in order to prepare a good individual development plan.

Implementation of headcount management tools

This initiative is designed to complete the enhancement of headcount management in order to improve labour efficiency and expenditure control. To address this task, a comprehensive Company headcount management model will be implemented, allowing for the calculation of short- and long-term headcount forecasts based on external and internal change factors.

In addition, in 2014, the Company will continue implementing regular employee assessment, rolling out the unified social benefit system across Gazprom Neft’s enterprises, and enhancing cooperation with educational institutions.