Creating a Candidate Pool

The creation and development of a high-quality candidate pool is critical to achieving Gazprom Neft’s strategic goals. The Company is currently implementing and refining a system for high-potential employee assessment and selection and career planning to provide Gazprom Neft with the maximum level of skilled staff in the future.

In 2013, the Company conducted an audit of its candidate pool management system in order to determine whether it complied with the Company’s strategic goals and analysed its performance. Based on the results, the candidate pool management methodology was adjusted and a decision was taken to implement new initiatives in 2014, including:

  • Integrate the process of candidate pool identification with performance evaluation, potential assessment and management system by goals to identify high-potential human resources at all organisational levels;
  • Create a candidate pool for the corporate and business functions in accordance with the principles of the business functional model;
  • Establish Talent Committees.

In 2013, the Company started building a functional candidate pool to organise the succession system within the personnel hierarchy. Pilot projects to identify succession candidates were implemented in the Procurement & Capital Construction Direction, LRSS (oil refining), EPS (exploration, drilling, gas, geology and development, and large projects).

Talent Committees are meetings where management teams consider the current situation regarding the key position candidate pool, elaborate action plans to ensure better staffing, approve lists of succession candidates and key/high-potential employees. Talent Committees aim to enhance HR decisions transparency and collegiate nature and engagement and responsibility of managers involved in candidate pool management, as well as to provide more opportunities for cross-functional and inter-divisional personnel transfers.