Medium-Term Plans

The Company’s plans for the next three years are to achieve a strong performance against key financial indicator targets (revenues, EBITDA) across all operating segments.


Focus on new projects and technologies

  • Launch major projects in the northern part of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District
  • Develop the northern continental shelf. Start production at the Prirazlomnoye field
  • Create additional reserves in conventional production areas, for example by using hard-to- recover reserves and proven new technologies
  • Test new technologies for developing nonconventional reserves and increasing the oil recovery rate
  • Further international development


Focus on increasing efficiency

  • Increase the production of Euro-5 motor and diesel fuels
  • Complete refinery reconstruction projects to increase oil refining depth
  • Increase operational efficiency

Sales to end users

Focus on increasing sales through own high-margin distribution channels

  • Further increase sales volumes through premium channels (aviation fuel, ship fuel, and lubricants)
  • Develop the G-Drive fuel brand; increase G-Drive share of total sales
  • Further increase volumes handled at existing filling stations
  • Expand the filling station chain
  • Launch new products onto the market for end consumers
  • Expand the refuelling facility chain at the airports
  • Expand the bunkering infrastructure